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    FEEDBACK | At Heathy Cities Illawarra, our aim is to resolve complaints at the first level, the frontline. Wherever possible, workers will be adequately equipped to respond to complaints, including being given appropriate authority, training, and supervision. Should a client, participant or partner have any form of complaint that cannot be raised with the frontline worker, this should be addressed to the CEO. We will protect the identity of people making complaints where this is practical and appropriate. Personal information that identifies individuals will only be disclosed or used by us as permitted under the relevant privacy laws, secrecy provisions and any relevant confidentiality obligations. Any concerns raised in feedback or complaints will be dealt with within 10 business days and in accordance with AS/NZ 10002:2014 (Guidelines for complaint management). We will promptly acknowledge receipt of complaints and advise as soon as possible if we are unable to deal with any part of their complaint and provide advice about where such issues and/or complaints may be directed.