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Reports and Resources

Learn more about our history, our vision for the future and the actions we are taking today to deliver meaningful health and wellbeing outcomes for our community.

Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

Healthy Cities Illawarra have reflected on the successes and challenges of the past few years and we’re looking to further our commitment to reconciliation. Progressing to the Innovate RAP will help us achieve our organisation’s unique vision for reconciliation.

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Annual Report 2020-21

Although this year was marked by ongoing disruptions to our personal and professional lives
through the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re proud to present the highlights of 2020-21 and pay
tribute to another year of grit and resilience by our staff and community.

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Reconciliation Action Plan

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan

We are excited to formally contribute to the Reconciliation process in our country. Healthy Cities Illawarra was
established in 1987 and has always enjoyed good working relationships with local Aboriginal organisations. We strive to
set a good example and we look forward to publicly and credibly promote our achievements, intentions and historical
relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Artwork by Lani Balzan

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Illawarra’s Guide to Sustainable and Healthy Events

Events are beneficial for networking, furthering knowledge, sharing ideas and celebrating communities. However, any gathering of people can have the potential to have an adverse impact on the environment and can easily adopt unhealthy practices. In partnership with Food Fairness Illawarra, we’ve created a guide that shows you how to organise and implement an event that minimises potential negative impact and leaves a beneficial legacy for your host community and all involved.

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