New car grant for Healthy Cities Illawarra

Earlier this year, Healthy Cities Illawarra received $20,000 as part of the 2019 Community Building Partnerships (CBP) grants awarded by Wollongong MP Paul Scully.

The new HCI car
Lady cycling to work

Healthy Cities Illawarra has purchased a new environmentally friendly Toyota Hybrid vehicle as a recipient of the 2019 Community Building Partnerships (CBP) grants round announced in May by Wollongong MP Paul Scully.

The vehicle will aid in delivering Healthy Cities Illawarra’s healthy living programs and events, helping people in the Illawarra and Shoalhaven to achieve meaningful health outcomes.

Guided by our core values of integrity, collaboration, equity and inclusivity, Healthy Cities Illawarra works in partnership with local governments, health care providers and other community organisations to prevent and control diseases such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, asthma, dementia, depression and anxiety by creating healthy environments, delivering cost-effective programs, addressing health inequity and enabling healthy choices for local communities.

The vehicle was purchased with a $20,000 grant awarded through the 2019 CBP grants round announced earlier this year by Wollongong MP Paul Scully.

Applications worth almost $2 million were received for $300,000 of state government funding. Mr Scully looks forward to seeing the benefit that Healthy Cities Illawarra will be able to provide to the community with the grant.

Healthy Cities Illawarra CEO, Kelly Andrews says the new hybrid vehicle is a welcome and sustainable addition to the organisation and will assist Healthy Cities Illawarra in linking people to programs.

“The new vehicle allowed us to part from an older, less efficient car to one which is kinder to the environment. We also took the opportunity to highlight the importance for car users to provide one metre of space between themselves and cyclists with a rear bumper sticker. Active transport is so important for physical health, as well as helps to reduce traffic and emissions, so it’s great to be aware of how drivers can help keep cyclists safe” she said.