We need your help to bring back Cook Chill Chat!

Kelly Andrews, CEO Healthy Cities Illawarra

Dear Community Partners and Supporters,

We need your help in our appeal to secure a vital lifeline for “Cook Chill Chat”. Twelve months ago, we learned that our funding would not be renewed, and many of you wrote to our Federal and State MPs to endorse the program and support our advocacy efforts to seek ongoing funding. Thank you.

We continue to be in the unenviable position of having no funding – and needing to consistently, regretfully, turn down requests from community health and social welfare organisations to provide this free 6-week nutrition program to vulnerable and marginalised groups who are feeling the current cost of living pressures the most.

Will you add your organisation’s logo to this letter?

We believe we have overwhelming support, and on receipt of your endorsement, we will publish an open letter to our decision makers to demonstrate that now is the time to urgently invest in Cook Chill Chat – an evidence based, place based and trauma informed program which, over the last eight years, has delivered real and measurable outcomes to hundreds of underserved community members.

We will also use your support to frame a community and corporate fundraising appeal.

Thank you for your support to continue building more inclusive, resilient, and healthier communities.



*Cook Chill Chat is now a 6-week program